09.10.2019 ‘War According to Karski’. A meeting with Tomasz Łubieński.

On Wednesday, October 9, a meeting with Tomasz Łubieński, a writer and the author of the book entitled ‘Wojna według Karskiego’ [War According to Karski] hosted by Bogdan Białek at the Institute for the Culture of Encounter and Dialogue attracted crowds of people. The discussion revolved around the book and the image of Jan Karski it presented as well as controversies surrounding the so-called ‘Karski’s Report’, his  views and the importance of the Holocaust for the Karski’s mission. According to Tomasz Łubieński, one of the undeniable achievements of Jan Karski was that his testimony was based on the experience of living in the Warsaw ghetto and the Izbica transit ghetto. At the same time, Karski never opposed the myth that was created regarding himself and his activities. “It seems that we do not have enough meetings like the one today, during which we are able to speak about things as they really were without creating new heroes”, said Bogdan Białek at the end of the meeting.