12-17.07.2016 A meditation retreat for Christians and Muslims “Towards the Heart”

The six-day meditation retreat for Christians and Muslims “Towards the Heart” took place at the Pallottine monastery in Karczówka in Kielce. It was the third interreligious meeting for peace organized by the Jan Karski Society in 2016. The retreat was attended by Shaikh Hazrat Hamid Hasan, who follows the tradition of the five main Sufi paths and Maximilian Nawara OSB of the Center for Christian Meditation, a Benedictine engaged in cooperation and dialogue with Zen Buddhism.

15.07.2016 A prayer for the victims of the attack in Niece

Hearing about the attack in Niece, where 87 people were killed, a meeting was held at the Kielce Homo Homini monument, where Christians and Muslims, the participants of the meditation retreat, and the representatives of local authorities prayed for the victims of the attack. Shah Hazard Hamid Hasan said he was shocked by the fact that so many people died because of somebody’s madness and wrong deception. This, according to him, shows the degeneration of society and lack of spirituality in human hearts. – Everyone should take care of peace in their own heart. We remain close to the victims’ families’, he said. The Benedictine Father Maximilian Nawara led the prayer for the victims.