A meeting with Wojciech Bonowicz

The Days of Tischner started with a meeting with Wojciech Bonowicz, the editor of “Tygodnik Powszechny” weekly magazine and the author of the book entitled “Tischner”. It is a fascinating biographical reportage and a reliable account about the life and the formation of the outstanding theologian and philosopher. It is a book written in a true Tischner’s spirit. The meeting was accompanied by an opening of the exhibition entitled “Following the Tischner’s Paths” composed of materials provided by the Institute of Kazimierz Tischner, the priest’s brother. A large group of Kielce residents, interested in professor Tischner and his achievements, attended the meeting at Planty 7. The Kielce audience listened to a number of very interesting facts from Tischner’s life, including numerous anecdotes. Bonowicz drew attention to the living memory of Tischner: “ There are many schools named after him and his books sell very well. It should be noted that he is not frequently spoken of in the media but his books still sell very well. We can call it: hunger for Tischner. In my opinion, it is “a hunger for good news”.