A screening of the film entitled ‘Hide and Seek. Faith and Tolerance After the Holocaust’

The Society organized the screening of the film with the participation of its director Menachem Daum from the US. The film is a personal testimony of an American Jew whose loved ones were rescued by the family of Matuszczykowie from Bronowo near Daleszyce. Matuszczykowie hid Jews in their barn from 1942, covering their shelter with clothes and straw. Yosek brothers, Chaim and Pinkas Federman of Dzieduszyce went out only at night but despite taking precautions, one of the neighbors denounced the family of Matuszczykowie and Germans searched their house. However, nothing was found. The brothers Ferdman left Poland just after the war and didn’t have any contact with the family of Matuszczykowie – only 60 years after the war Chaim’s daughter Rivka and her husband, Menachem Daum visited the house of the Righteous The film tries to answer the question why the rescued did not maintain any contact – or could not maintain it – with the people who during the war risked their life for them. The meeting helped to rebuild relations between families.