Commemorative prayer on the 77th anniversary of the murder of Jewish children.

On Monday, May 25, we met at the grave of 45 children murdered on May 23, 1943. We commemorated the anniversary of the tragedy with a short prayer. A few words were spoken by Bogdan Białek, the president of the Society, the song “Szemma Izrael” was sung by Jacek Dziubel, a member of the Orthodox choir of the Kielce Orthodox church. We read out the names of the murdered and the message of Stefan Zabłocki, who, as a child, was in a group of children to be killed but managed to escape from the place where they were imprisoned. The prayer was recited by Paulina Mularska-Ołowiak, a teacher and a participant of our “ABCs of Judaism” program. Finally, we lit candles and laid flowers on the children’s grave.