Hanukah Advent retreat

The retreat started on 5 November with a lecture delivered by Rabbi Stanisław Wojciechowicz and Fr.
Grzegorz Michalczyk at the Institute for the Culture of Encounter and Dialogue. The rabbi lit the first
Hanukkah candle on a candlestick and Grzegorz Michalczyk – the first Advent candle. Then they
introduced the retreat’s participants to the symbols of Hanukkah, Advent and Christmas. They
pointed to common elements which make it possible to understand the importance of gestures and
symbls present in the liturgy.
The biblical celebration on the second day of Hanukkah Advent retreat started with the lighting of
the Menorah. The candles were lit by the representatives of various religions and denominations.
Before the celebration, the speech was made by Bogdan Białek, an initiator of the Hanukkah Advent
retreat. During the service, there were readings from the Old testament, the Talmud (read first in
Hebrew) and the Gospel, to which the comments were given by rabbi Stanisław Wojciechowski and
Fr. Grzegorz Michalczyk. After the universal prayer, there was a prayer for the departed, referring to
Yizkor memorial prayer, which involves remembering the names of the departed on the days of
important holidays. At the end of the service, Pastor Janusz Daszuta and Fr. Rafał Dudała said prayers
for Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, calling on God’s mercy and peace to the world.