Image Space in a Local Dimension: a screening of films on Jewish themes

In the second half of September, in cooperation with the Galicia Jewish Museum, the Institute for the Culture of Encounter and Dialogue organized a screening of films from the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, focusing on Jewish heritage and Jewish life today. During the event, the following films were presented:

September 18, “Foxtrot”, dir. Samuel Maoz, Israel / Germany / France 2017

September 20, “Dear Asher,” dir. Matan Yair, Israel / Poland 2017

September 25, “Moos”, dir. Job Gosschalk, Netherlands 2016

September 27, “Wanderers” – a collection of short documentaries about Jerusalem, which were created during a six-week workshop in Israel in cooperation with Jerusalem Film Festival. Jerusalem Film Workshop is a unique and fascinating program that gives creative, young filmmakers from around the world the opportunity to improve their skills and also get to know Israel. Within six weeks the participants – selected by the organizers of more than 20 major Jewish film festivals – created short documentaries presenting their own fresh look at Jerusalem.