International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day we gathered at the Menorah monument in Kielce to pay tribute to thousands of innocent Jews brutally murdered in Kielce and in death camps. Lights lit by Kielce residents at the place where the Jewish people underwent the ordeal were an expression of memory about those who had been deprived of everything and now they have no graves nor relatives who could mourn them.

The continuation of the celebrations included a unique concert of Olga Avigail Mieleszczuk, an artist living in Israel, intertwined with fragments of memories of Max Safir from his book entitled “Wielmozny panie, niech mi pan pozwoli żyć” [Sir, Let Me Live], delivered by actor Andrzej Cempura. We also heard songs of Jewish authors sung in Polish, Hebrew and Yiddish, including one dedicated to the memory of a Kielce tsaddik and entitled “Ta ostatnia niedziela” [This Last Sunday] as well as a very well-known lullaby. The stories related to numerous melodies, combining Polish and Jewish cultures, are extremely interesting.