After the translocation the building will be renovated and expanded. As a result the Place of Memory and Reflection ”Beit ha Midrasz” will be created. Itwill be an educational and cultural center led by Society.
„Not for the dead” is a title of the film about the activity of Mr. Bogdan Białek and the Jan Karski Society.
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 12:57

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67. anniversary of Kielce pogrom. July 4, 2013

grobowiec_ofiar_pogromu_maleThe Jan Karski Society, as in previous years, invites to participate in the commemoration of Kielce pogrom. During the event a debate “What happened in Kielce after war” will take place, with the participation of prominent scholars from Poland and Israel. Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem will award the title of the Righteous Among the Nations to the Poles who rescued Jews during Shoah. In the afternoon the participants will walk from the Menorah Monument to the Jewish cemetery in the annual March of Remembrance and Reconciliation.


– We don’t want to veil the crime of pogrom by recalling the Righteous. While recalling the pogrom, we shall not forget the Righteous and while recalling the Righteous we shall not forget the pogrom – explains Bogdan Białek, the president of the Jan Karski Society.

July 4, 2013, Kielce
Program of the ceremony:

Debate “What happened in Kielce after war”
10.30 – Culture Dialogue Museum, division of National Museum of Kielce

Wojciech Lubawski – President of Kielce

Bogdan Białek – President of the Jan Karski Society

Prof. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir (University of Warsaw)
Prof. Bożena Szaynok (University of Wrocław)
Dr. Marcin Zaremba (University of Warsaw)
Zuzanna Radzik (Forum for Dialogue Among Nations )

Closing remarks:
prof. Haim Y. Knobler (Polish-Israeli Association for Mental Health)
prof. Jacek Bomba (Jagiellonian University, Polish-Israeli Association for Mental Health)

jzef i marianna walczyscy_maleThe ceremony of awarding the title of the Righteous Among The Nations to the late Marianna and Józef Walczyński – 15.00, Kielce City Hall, Rynek 1, conference hall
Risking their family’s and their own lives for two years, Marianna and Józef Walczyński gave shelter to five Jews. One of them was Manny Bekier’s father. Manny Bekier, who is the president of the Kieltzer Society of New York, will participate in the ceremony.

The March of Remembrance and Reconciliation
16.00 start at Menorah Monument (IX Wieków Kielc)

The Menorah Monument commemorates 20,000 Jews from Kielce murdered by German-Nazis. It was unveiled in 2007 on the initiative of the Jan Karski Society (as well as the Jan Karski Monument – 2005, and the restored tombstone of Kielce pogrom victims – 2010). The monument inspired Jerzy Maksymiuk, the world-renowned Polish conductor, to compose “Heart Lamentation, Kielce In Memoriam”. The author dedicated his composition to Jews murdered by Germans. “Heart Lamentation” will be played there in the presence of Jerzy Maksymiuk.


jozef_walczyski i utatowani przez niego ydzi_maleThen, the participants will go to the former synagogue building, next to which there is a monument dedicated to people who risked their lives to rescue Jews during war. On the monument, which was erected in 1996 as the first one in Poland, there are plaques with names of people from Kielce and its surroundings honored with the title of the Righteous Among the Nations. This year another plaque will be added – with the names of Marianna and Józef Walczyński from Piekoszów.


Next, the participants will go towards the building at 7 Planty Street, where the pogrom took place in 1946. The names of all murdered people will be read out and wreaths will be laid there. The final part of the march will be the Jewish cemetery, where the victims of the pogrom are buried. Christian and Jewish memorial prayers will be said.


People to People” is a book by the Jan Karski Society published in 2009. Prof. Bożena Szaynok, one of its authors, presents the events that took place in Kielce on July 4, 1946. (download the book in pdf format).

people to people

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