Lecture on Regina Lilientalowa “An intellectual from a shtetl”.

The life and activities of Regina Lilientalowa, a pre-war Jewish ethnographer, were presented by her great-granddaughter, Dorota Liliental. Regina Lilientalowa (1875–1924) was a writer and translator, author of works on Jewish folklore and Jewish folk art. She was born in Zawichost to a partially Polonized Jewish family. After getting married, she moved to Warsaw. As an ethnographer, she was self-taught, attending underground university courses at the Flying University. She was a student of Ludwik Krzywicki. Her research covered almost all areas of Jewish life. She left behind extensive materials that have not been published so far. The heroine’s granddaughter, Dorota Liliental, talked about her discovery of her grandmother and her struggle to enter the world of Polish science closed to women and Jews.