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logo_new_york_times„It is extremely difficult to accept the dark side of one’s history – says Bogdan Białek, a psychologist who recently formed a group of 15 Kielce citizens, that will seek reconciliation with Jews abroad.”

The New York Times - one of the biggest American paper (the 6th of July 1996) 


imag0010„After 64 years from the tragic events the grave slab commemorating the victims of the Kielce pogrom was unveiled (…) among the people who delivered a speech were Yaacov Kotlicki from Israel and Bogdan Białek from Poland – the initiators of the restoration of the grave slab.”
Yedioth Ahronoth (the 6th of July 2010) the biggest paper in Israel


logo_jewish_daily„In the face of general indifference, occasional verbal abuse and even death threats, Bialek has been an energetic advocate of many efforts to recognize Kielce’s past, including some of the plaques and monuments.”

The Jewish Daily Forward (the 30th of June 2010) – the American Jews newspaper in New York


logo_icci„One of the leading figures in this process is Bogdan Białek, of Kielce, a publisher, organizer, and founder of the Jan Karski Society, an organization devoted to healing the wounds between Poles and Jews.”

Not for the Dead: Bogdan Białek, Memory and Hope - The Interreligious Coordinating Coincil in Israel