Meeting with Fr Stanisław Jaromi and Discussion with rabbi Małgorzata Kordowicz during Kielce Christian-Jewish Meetings

On Wednesday, December 11, the Jan Karski Society organized a meeting with Fr Stanisław Jaromi, Franciscan, which revolved around his book entitled ‘Boska Ziemia’ [Divine Earth]. Jaromi spoke about the need to care for the environment, to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and to get involved in inter-religious cooperation in the field of environment protection. He also introduced various religious initiatives aimed at improving the quality of our lives in harmony with nature.

On Thursday, December 12, Jaromi and Kordowicz had a discussion about ecology in the light of Christianity and Judaism. The guests agreed that we struggle with the environmental crisis brought about by irresponsible and selfish human behaviour whereas the man should take care of the Earth an all its creatures. The man does not own the Earth – he only leases it. The discussion ended with reading a Pope Francis prayer read out in Polish and in Hebrew.