The honored


femina_bonaVir Bonus and Femina Bona are the honorary designations awarded to people who contribute to the realization of the Society’s aims with their social activity, achievements, attitude and steadfastness.






The honored people:

Femina bona


guterman_glowka- Miriam Guterman (born 1921) - a Kieltzer who survived the pogrom in 1946










sendlerowa_male- Irena Sendler (1910 -2008) – a Polish social activist, Righteous among the Nations, lady of the Order of the White Eagle. She rescued 2500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto.








no_image_available- Maria Stolzman (1929 - 2010) – a Polish social activist and politician








Vir bonus



Janusz Daszuta, pastor of Evangelical Methodist Church in Kielce











Włodzimierz Kac (born 1951), chairman of the Jewish Community of Katowice










kotlicki - Yaakov Kotlicki (ur.1948) – Israeli entrepreneur, born in Gliwice, chairman of the Kielce Jewish Community in Israel







lubawski_glowka- Wojciech Lubawski (born 1954) - since 2002 mayor of Kielce









henio- Henryk Pawelec ps. Andrzej (1921) - one of the last living veterans of the Second World War. He began his military service on the 1 st of September 1939 and it lasted till the end of occupation. Then he fought with Bolsheviks.






schudrcihc_glowka- Michael Schudrich (1955) - since 2004 Chief Rabbi of Poland











no_image_available– Ks. Romulad Jakub Weksler–Waszkinel (ur.1943) - 

Catholic priest and philosopher of Jewish origins, professor at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin









zak- Stanisław Żak (ur. 1932) – Polish literature professor, social activist and politician