Screening of the film entitled ‘Polin’ directed by Jolanta Dylewska and a lecture by Marek Maciągowski, PhD

At the end of the series of meetings, a lecture on Kielce Chasidic traditions was delivered by Marek Maciągowski, PhD, a historian and director of the Centre for Patriotic and Civic Thought in Kielce. We heard lively stories about Dawid Goldman, admor (a Hasidic rebbe) from Chmielnik who was visited by Chassidim from all over Poland and Rabbi Mordechaj Twerski, also called ‘Motele from Kazimierz’, who led the dynasty of Kazimierz Hassidim in Kielce. In the past, his tomb was visited by 10,000 people who would celebrate, cry and pray through his intercession to God. After the lecture, the audience watched a film entitled ‘Polin. Okruchy pamięci’ [Polin. Slivers of Memory].