A meeting about Kika Szaszkiewiczowa and a concert of Tamara Kalinowska

The meeting revolved around the figure of Kika Szaszkiewiczowa, an artist from the Cellar under the Rams in Krakow, the protagonist of the comic book by Kazimierz Wiśniak and Piotr Skrzynecki entitled ‘Szaszkiewiczowa or Xylolite in Her Life’, a blogger and an author of memoirs. She was described by her family members including her daughter in law, Wanda Szaszkiewicz. Then, Tamara Kalinowska gave an extraordinary concert of songs performed at the Cellar under the rams. The meeting was also an opening of an exhibition of Kika Szaszkiewiczowa’s works entitled ‘Pictures Painted with a Crochet Hook’. Just before the event, there was an official opening of a new space of our Institute, namely ‘Plantacja’ club.