Publication of the book “Memory of the Jews of Kielce”

The book contains fourteen memoirs of Kielce Jews, including the ones by Janusz Pelc, Ziuta Hartman, Chaim Leichter, Jerzy Serwetnik. An excerpt from “The words of introduction by Bogdan Białek” from the book: “The memories of the Israeli inhabitants of Kielce presented in the book were collected by the participants of the program developed by Avigail Moshe, a young woman living in Jerusalem, who had no connection with Poland but was moved by the history of the crime called the Kielce pogrom ”and the efforts of the inhabitants of Kielce in the confrontation with the painful and shameful past. For us, members of the Jan Karski Society, working with Avigail and meeting the young generation of Israelis was a great honour. Thanks to her and her volunteers, time stopped, the memories of those who once walked along the streets of Kielce, studied, prayed and loved, suffered, experienced contempt and aversion were preserved”.