2nd Kielce Tischner Days

Kielce Tischner Days were organized in Kielce for the second time from 21 to 30 March, 2017. It is a series of events commemorating Fr. Józef Tischner, an unusual priest and philosopher. This year the events included an exhibition of paintings, a monodrama, a concert, a lecture and a film screening.

Kielce Tischner Days started with a retreat conducted by Fr. Jacek Prusak, SJ. The first guest focused on the blessings from the Sermon on the Mount. The well-known Jesuit, theologian and psychotherapist showed how, in different ways, we interpret the power of this famous teaching of Jesus. After the retreat, the opening of an exhibition “Sicut Cervus. Images of the soul “, presenting paintings created by Fr. Tomasz Biłka, OP, was held. Fr. Biłka spoke about the significance of art in his life and about the paintings presented at the exhibition.

On March 23, Jerzy Trela, an outstanding Polish actor, performed two monologues: ‘The Great Sermon of Father Bernard’ by Leszek Kołakowski and ‘Great Improvisation’ from ‘Forefathers’ Eve’ by Adam Mickiewicz. In a discussion which followed the performance the audience described it as an unforgettable experience. Jerzy Trela ​​added that performing those pieces in such a special place was very important for him and that it was the first time that he had decided to perform them together.

Two days later, on 27 March, a large crowd gathered to watch the performance by Simcha Keller. The show, which included singing of psalms and Hassidic songs as well as some interesting stories and anecdotes, lasted for 90 minutes. The next day there was a screening of the film entitled ‘Human’, directed by Yann Arthus Bertrand.

Kielce Tischner Days ended with a lecture delivered by Professor Tadeusz Gadacz, a philosopher, historian of ideas, and a student of Józef Tischner. The professor gave a lecture on the ‘Index of Polish national shortcomings according to Fr. Józef Tischner’.