A unique concert and award ceremony

The ceremony of awarding the prize of Hanna and David Goldszajd Rubinowicz was held at the Institute for the Culture of Encounter and Dialogue. The winner of this year’s prize you Danuta Gajek, a Polish language teacher from Chmielnik.

The prize is awarded by the Jan Karski Society to teachers in recognition of their exceptional attitude in educating young people in the spirit of respect for the dignity of the human person regardless of religion, background, state and any other differences between people. The Award Committee comprising Yaacov Kotlicki, prof. Stanislaw Żak, Pastor Janusz Daszuta and Andrzej Bialek recognized the work of the Laureate with students and pupils which aimed at shaping the attitude of openness and tolerance.

After the award ceremony, a chamber concert performed by world-famous flutist Anatoly Kogan from Israel and prominent pianist Konstanty Wileński was organized. The artists presented some compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart, Wihelm Pop, and Christopher Gluck.