11-13.05.2016 Meditation retreat for Christians and Jews

On Sunday, May 13, a three-day meditation retreat for Christians and Jews ended, which was held in the Pallottines Monastery of Karczówka in Kielce. The introduction to the retreat was presented by Rabbi Rami Shapiro – one of the leading representatives of contemporary American Judaism. He compared Judaism and Christianity to twin trees, which are connected to the common roots. – Both Christians and I, as a Jew, each of us, thorough our roots reach the ground which we share. And then we discover what unites us: a common heart of these religions – said the rabbi. Jacek Prusak SJ, who represented the Christians, added that a retreat like the one organized in Kielce, will make it possible for the participants to recognize both trees growing next to each other and both of these trees growing in front of God.