Online conference „How to respond to hate speech at school”

In November, we invited school teachers, educators and psychologists, as well as other education workers, to participate in the on-line conference. The project was a continuation of the last year’s workshop for teachers organized in Kielce, which was devoted to responding to anti-Semitism at school. All participants watched the film entitled “Bogdan’s Journey”. The conference included seven online meetings – lectures and workshops:
November 18 (Wednesday): inaugural lecture by professor Michał Bilewicz: “A speech of contempt. Psychological mechanisms of the spread of verbal aggression”.
November 20: Arkadiusz Walczak: “Hate speech at school. Legal regulations and practice”
November 30: Bogdan Białek: “What is your / my hatred for and how to manage it?”
November 23: Arkadiusz Walczak: “What can a teacher do to reduce hate speech”
November 25: Michał Bilewicz: “How to prevent hate speech at school”
November 28: Małgorzata Rusiłowicz; “I don’t want to see these things. I want you to see them (K. Gonciarz)” Over 60 teachers from all over Poland participated in the conference.